Africology Products

Africology is the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company in South Africa, with its success expanding across the world!


Therapeutic in its approach, Africology only uses all natural ingredients that are bio-identical to your biology; effectively enhancing the integrity of your skin whilst simultaneously preventing premature aging.


Our product formulations and treatment offerings are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and celebrate Africa’s vibrant heritage, communities and plant life.


Our aim is always to ensure that the body and biology are treated in harmony whilst enjoying a truly authentic African offering.

Skincare Range

Skincare Range

Africology skin care products have been developed to revitalise the skin and prevent damage done to the skin by free-radicals, stress and the harsh South African climate. Africology makes use of the healing essences of some of South Africa’s indigenous plants. The active ingredients in our skin care products are valuable in the repair process and assist with the restoration of damaged skin tissue. You can never be too young to start this preventative process.

Body Range

Africology prides itself on its roots,taking inspiration from Africa and using local active ingredients including Rooibos, Aloe, Marula and African potato to combat the signs of ageing. The entire range is suitable for vegans and is not tested on animals and is free from harmful chemicals and perfumes. All products are fragranced naturally using essential oils. Each fragrance also has a therapeutic effect on the mind, which helps you uplift your spirit.

Africology Body Range

Massage Oils & Body Balms

Massage Oils & Body Balms

Our body oils are pre mixed oils. marula oil is infused with Rooibos and hypoxis to soften signs of ageing by means of its anti-oxidant action. This all over body treatment is rich in oleic and palmatic acid to gently protect the skin from free radical attack.


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